Best Rated Camera

Best Rated Camera

Use our site to help you make the best camera decision.  There's a lot of cameras out there, and we want to help you buy the camera best for you.  We will teach you
  1. Which camera is ideal for you.

  2. How to find camera accessories, camera bags and camera parts to keep your camera in tip top shape.

  3. How to get a best buy on a camera.

And all this information on top rated cameras is free!

Welcome to Best Rated Camera! This site is designed to let you pick the best rated cameras without going to a dozen different sites - and then getting confused.  We have done the research, let the data and other consumers pick the winners and put them into 3 categories.

We have a page for each category (subcompact, compact and superzoom) and on that page you can see the best cameras, read a summary about them and click on a link that will give you exhaustive information about specifications, functions and prices - and the ability to buy at the lowest price from any one of dozens of qualified proven sellers. 

That's what we said - you select the category you want - subcompact, compact or superzoom digital camera, go to that page and see everything on that 1 page.  If you want more info, click on the camera's link.  We believe in keeping it simple.

Finally, on this page, we have listed a select few of those cameras.  Click on any of these links to access that exhaustive information or, if you know what you want, to buy that camera you have been looking for.  Right here, on this page - information and opportunity to buy the best new digital cameras. 

So feel free to do some looking at these deals or the pages in the menu to the right -  and come back often as we constantly update the site with information to help you. 

Hot Deals on the Best New Digital Cameras:


  Canon PowerShot            Casio Exilim         Sony Cybershot         Canon Powershot

  SD1100 IS                          EX-S12                   DSC-T90                  A2000IS



  Kodak EasyShare       Kodak EasyShare         Canon EOS              Nikon

       Z1015IS                      Z885                     Rebel T1i                   D5000



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Best Rated Camera

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